Author Topic: Prepping UV'S / Models for substance designer?  (Read 5689 times)

Hey guys I am pretty much brand new to substance designer 3.5.   I have seen many of the foundational tutorials, and I understand how to create a substance from the ground up.  My biggest obstacle is figuring out how to make separate textures that coordinate with the UV's properly.  Basically, I have a semi-complex object, and I am just unsure on where to start with texturing AFTER the model is done.


For Example I want to have separate UV areas for the lights, light hood, screws, and base metal.  I provided a render of the model that I am looking at texturing.

You would want to start by bringing your mesh in SD, then bake base colors using the UV Layout to SVG baker. This will give you color masks you can use to apply effect and colors on specific parts of your mesh.

Thanks for the quick reply!

I will try this out, and go from there!

You rock!

Sorry for another question....  Should I combine the mesh and create the UV set before I export, or should I create UV's for all separate objects and then export the entire selection/scene?

The choice is yours, it's really a personnal preference. In the end both will work in SD.