Author Topic: Missing Substance Automation Toolkit access for my upgraded SD2019 pro license..  (Read 580 times)

Missing Substance Automation Toolkit access...

Hi Allegorithmic/Adobe,

Recently (about 2 months ago) we purchased an upgrade to our Substance Designer 5.X license to a perpetual 2019 license. We are now planning to upgrade our Substance Batch Tools 5 pipeline to the Substance Automation Toolkit which is supposed to come with our upgraded perpetual license for SD 2019. But when I look into my account I am missing any of the download links to those tools like I had with the older SD5 licenses. Can someone please enable those for my account?

If I'm not mistaken, the Pro license does not come with SAT by default, it's an additional purchase.

You'll have better luck contacting them directly, as this forum doesn't get much attention.

Hey just to update anyone else who was curious about this, yep automation tooklit totally isn't included in the base SD2019+ license. It used to be included up until 2017 when they seperated it because it "significantly evolved" since that version. Mostly it seems this was because they knew a lot of AAA devs had become embedded with the tool and they could eat the increased cost.

Unfortunately there is no reasonably priced purchasing tier option for Indie devs since there is only a $5000/yr option, and my inquiry to ask about other options yielded no response. I was shocked to find this out, as our company currently uses the older batchtools (which near as I can tell is quite similar to the new automation toolkit), so as we upgraded to SD2019 we were caught in a pickle.

If I sound a bit sour, it's because this was a very quiet change and they did not make any announcements about the change, and our pipeline was a bit broadsided by this. I can fully appreciate their right to make money and change pricing models as they see fit, this is a business after all. I just don't appreciate the opaque nature of this change, one that would affect any developer thinking to upgrade their SD licenses.

I know SAT was included when I purchased an indie subscription in Nov 2018, is this not the case anymore?
Or are you referring to a perpetual license?

I agree about the lack of optics around SAT; I've mentioned this before as well since it was impossible to figure out which purchasing options included it.

There was a huge push promoting SAT when it was released a few years ago, but over time there's been so much secrecy and obscurity around the product; down to removing it completely from the website.
Most developers/studios I've worked with aren't even aware of its existence, despite using Substance for years.

I sometimes question if long term support is even planned for it.

Hi all,

SAT is a new product that were launched in 2017, and is getting regular updates.

SAT is included with Substance for Indies (the monthly subscription), but it's a separate own license for Pros.
This means for Pros/Enterprise you need to contact sales persons at if you want to purchase a license.

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