Author Topic: Fireflies - wont buzz off! Please help me find the right can of raid!  (Read 851 times)

Good morning everyone! I have been having a heck of a time with fireflies in my renders, and I wanted to tap the vast expertise of the hive mind to help me solve this issue. So I have a healthy relationship with modo and substance painter. The fireflies normally happen around my most reflective surfaces (in this example the chrome radiators and chrome beta cloth on the left and top spheres). Due to the normal mix of tight deadlines and a humble render "farm" , fireflies have always been that consequence of render settings primed for speed over quality. However, as our content is getting more noticed, greater requests from public affairs for cleaner HD and 4k renders are coming in. More render power is being brought to bear and suddenly, I have the time, tools, and funding to make a lot of compromises go away. Of course, the one thing that refuses to go away... fireflies.

TLDR: I have fireflies and I don't know how to make them go away.

I'm attaching a sample movie of the fireflies.  I have extensively explored the modo side of the equation, but nothing I seem to do is getting having any sort of impact on the fireflies.  I'm begging to wonder if this is the result of something I am doing/not doing in painter?

The current pipeline is substance painter textures > modo render > after effects compositing.  Im attaching images of my substance painter export settings, the base shader in settings modo, along with the colorspace/multipass setup in modo as well.

I hope I can engage the community into resolving this issue that has truly stumped me, many thanks to all/any that reply.  Thanks again!

-Alberto Bertolin
Lead Animation & Engineering Visualization - JSC

Sorry guys, having trouble uploading the animation.  I keep getting a "no response from server" error.  Here are the images with settings information however.


I have a workflow for dealing with this however I don't use modo, you really should reach out to the modo community. If increasing samples doesn't help then you have to factor in your lighting setup, clamping, material settings, shaders being used, ect...

I also fix a lot through post processing more so than anything.