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Bugs still in Substance for Unity plugin 2.4.1

There doesn't seem to be a place to post bug reports for the Unity substance plugin so I'm posting them here. Hopefully it is helpful and not just annoying.

Bug #1: Unity crashes if you click off the substance (applying the current settings) while it is already generating textures. Presumably because it tries generating the textures again while it is already generating them.
(This has been the only crash bug that I've encountered in this update, and it can be avoided if you're aware of it, which is a huge improvement over the last update.)

*Note about bug #1* If Unity crashes while a substance is generating textures, when you boot Unity back up the substance file will be unrecognized by Unity. If anyone has this happen you can get Unity to read the file correctly without losing your settings by cutting and pasting the substance file AND the metadata file out of your Unity assets folder, maximizing/opening Unity to let it refresh that it has been removed, then cutting and pasting it back into the Unity assets folder. Hope that helps someone.

Bug #2: New bug introduced in 2.4.1: When Alpha is set to "Source", Generated textures always have solid black Alpha channel no matter what. Something probably broke when the Alpha source selection was added.
If anyone is able to get it to output something other than solid black to the alpha channel (with "source" selected as A output) please share.
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Since this is about bugs and I've not gotten a reply in my thread yet, does loading presets work for you? Anyone? I'm just wondering a little if people just don't use them, or mostly everyone is living with or working around the bugs not mentioning them?

Saving and Loading presets does work fine for me.
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Thank you for the reply!

Saving them from inside Unity and loading them on the same graph? That's the only situation that works for me, but anything out of Designer or from another graph will not load, even if it works fine in Designer and between graphs there.

Yeah, I've only ever saved and loaded presets from inside Unity.
I didn't know importing settings from substance player or painter into Unity was even an option.

I use presets saved out from Designer to quickly apply the settings between separate, but compatible LODs graphs and offer customers some pre-made variations. Worked fine when it was native in 2017 still, but seems to be bugged now in the plugin. Really hope it gets fixed, as it was the only way to easily get settings from one LOD's graph to the others and that is not working at all currently, even if saved out inside Unity.