Author Topic: UV Chunk Fills in Other UV Polygons and Islands  (Read 793 times)

When I use the UV chunk fill in certain spots it shows up in others. An example is in the photo, where I clicked on a crevice in the wood and it showed up on my knobs. In a similar way, the red on the gauge and on another piece in the model somehow show up on the plate buttons. Also, I've looked at the UV Chunk that I was filling in and there is nothing that's around the chunk that it's bleeding onto. There's plenty of space within my layout.

There is not enough information to go on. Post the UV layout please, and the layers you have created. You can also upload the OBJ/FBX somewhere if you want, I will take a look at it.

Out of the box, I can't think of a reason why it should bleed other than overlapping UVs, or a color selection effect with too high tolerance.
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The UV island that projects that one crevice has nothing surrounding it that was affected.

I can't select, deselect, or even paint the problem areas like the knobs (white circle/half circle) and the plate buttons (grey circles).

Thanks for your help!

Edit: I tried uploading the file, but I kept getting an error. Here's a link to the file.
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I fixed it! Sorry for wasting your time! What happened was that there were two separate UV Sets from Maya which I didn't even notice. I merged them and re-exported it. Thanks for your help!