Author Topic: "Select Present" dropdown scrolls via mouse scrollwheel  (Read 3432 times)

For any material with "preset" options, I have to be extremely careful when scrolling up and down in the Properties window. The problem is that the dropdown for "Select Preset", for some reason, changes selection when scrolling via the mousewheel. If, while I'm scrolling in the inspector, the mouse cursor happens to land on this field, the next scrollwheel movement will be applied to the preset dropdown, completely changing the material.

This makes for a bad experience. When scrolling up and down in a window, I should be worried that I'm going to accidentally change some values. It's also unexpected because other dropdowns in SP don't behave this way. For example, the dropdown to choose "Normal Format" (DirectX or OpenGL) doesn't change its value when the scrollwheel used while hovered over it.

Here's a GIF of this happening. All I'm doing is scrolling down with the mouse wheel. At the point that the scrolling moves the Preset dropdown under my mouse, the next time I scroll is changes the value of the preset.
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