Author Topic: How to paint gradient leak heavy  (Read 3384 times)

Is there a way to make the paint graduate the color as it falls down?. I want to achieved something similar to the picture in the right, where the rust gets yellow as it drops

This is sort of a vague guess on my part (I'm not at my Substance computer at the moment)...

I'm thinking you could utilize a color gradient in combination with a POSITION MAP* to change the color from top-to-bottom.  I did something like that once before... Oh!  I think I posted it here... I'll do a search...  Please hold...

Okay, I'm back...
I found the post I was thinking of, and I think it should be useful for you...,17918.msg75331/highlight,gradient.html#msg75331

*Since you are using nice, flat panels, you might not need the Position map, and maybe just a basic gradient can be done in another, possibly simpler, way.  Some of that will depend on what your UV map looks like.
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