Author Topic: Linking the nodes and/or parameters  (Read 3486 times)


Here's the situation- Let's say I have two instances of Tile Generator nodes. And now I want to "link" them (or at least some of the parameters), so when I change parameter of the first one- second one updates to the new settings at the same time. Example- I change "X Amount" on the first one to "8", and second one changes to"8" automatically as well.

Thank You.

Since both nodes belong to your graph, you can do this at a graph level.

  • Double click on graph and create a new Input Parameter:
    - Identifier: "tile_x"
    - Type: "Integer 1" (this has to match the "X Amount" parameter type on the tile generator)
  • Select your first tile generator, go to the "X Amount" parameter and set the function to "tile_x". (see attachment)
  • Repeate for "Y Amount".

Got it, thanks!

Okay after playing a bit more with tile generator another question arises:
I set 2 tiles on X axis, and 20 on Y axis. I also set equal values in Interstice (gaps), but what I get is totally different gaps in both axis. It looks like it's just stretching current texture and that's why the gaps get's stretched as well.
How do I fix/avoid that?