Author Topic: Rusted weather steel alike material  (Read 3700 times)

Hi, i`m new with susbtance. I`m trying to make a rusty material like the one in the real image. I wonder how can I make that degradee, like if the rust was ran down by the rain,  and also following the lines that separate each steel panels.
Would be glad if anyone could help me with that, thanks!

This is what I`ve achieved till this moment. The render software that I`m using it`s blender.

Have you tried using particle brushes? Put the rust material into a group, assign a black mask to the group, assign a paint effect to the mask, then use one of the particle brushes (e.g. 'Leaks Heavy') to paint (using a white color) on the mask. Adjust the physics settings of the brush, e.g. how long the particles live, how much they spread out ect.

Volker's suggestion of "particle brushes" is a good recommendation.

An "artistic" comment I wanted to share is to consider minimizing the large diagonal/arc streaks in your texture.  Where would they come from, why would they be there?

Very nice start, though.  Looking forward to seeing updated pictures when you have them.
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