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Hey all!

I bought a few days ago a license of B2M and I use it under Susbtance Player in Mac OSX. It works very well with 512 and 1024 size textures. However i can't work with 2048 and I don't even try for now a 4096 texture because it takes huge amounts of time to render and sometimes crashes everything. I tried to change the render engine and it worked a bit better but not that much. I worked with a similar software before B2M and 2048 and 4096 run well.

I would be thankful if someone can help me to figure out what I'm doing wrong  :)



Can you let us know your configuration please?

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sorry for asking but configuration of my computer or some config inside the software itself?  :)

edit: Well, it seems if I turn off "Options - Cooking Options - All three dynamics [Output Size, Pixel Size, Random Seed]" the software runs much better finally :D. I don't know what they do but i can handle now with my 2048 and 4096 textures.
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