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Hi all,

Is it possible to bake opacity/alpha map in SP 1.3?


Hey ales.rajar,

you can use and safe Opacity maps, but I never heard about baking one.

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For the moment, Painter allows for baking maps that were required to fill the "Additional Maps" slots for smart materials. This means that currently the following bakers are available in Designer but not yet in Painter:
  • Bent Normals
  • Height
  • Opacity

Ok, thanks for the answer. Looks like I'll have to buy SD too, but I was already considering it before... :)


Does anyone know if this is in the road-map for SP? It would be really useful.


I would also like this for Substance Painter.

In our game pipeline we have "skin tight" outfits that are actually just textures on the nude human. Baking opacity (and the rest) maps from Marvelous Designer "yoga pants", for instance, onto the base nude human would save so much time. Hand painting isn't always so accurate or great...

Bake only the Normal Maps without padding (Dilation, Diffusion). From the Shelf, click right on the Normal Map : export resource. Then you can bake normally, with diffusion, and use the exported normal map (the one without padding) as an opacity mask.
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Hey, 2019.2 just had a huge update for baking. Mostly speed. But it's still a huge waste of time opening up Substance Designer just to bake simple opacity maps, which painter still lacks the ability to bake.

Please everyone vote on this feature request.

I'd love to see the ability to bake opacity maps as well.  There is that workaround but if there is a change to your highpoly model, it's tedious to repeat those steps.  A simple opacity baker would be quite appreciated!