Author Topic: Regarding the 2019.3 ABR info. Choices please, not rigid changes.  (Read 693 times)


In the article released on November 3rd at the Substance magazine site, this image was included.

This causes major concern due to its' lack of details.
• Is this a "fix" that only creates the same problem in a different form ? Switching problem A for Problem B.
AKA: switching out what someone deemed best, for what someone deems best now .. without any thought of providing choices for the users. That would be rather silly and I hope that is not so.

Please tell us that this system provides choices and doesn't force us to use what person X says is best.

In case someone can't comprehend this post;
The image shows legacy brush stroke and newer brush stroke. Yet BOTH types, along with others, would be best.
The article lacks details and only alludes to switching one problem out and replacing it with another problem.