Author Topic: .spsm files will not import if downloaded as a .zip  (Read 5607 times)

I noticed that if I download from substance share and it is a .zip the .spsm after extraction will not import to substance

although if I find a .spsm file that isn't .zip it will import just fine

Could you give a link to a Substance Share asset that doesn't work ?
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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the two that didn't work are

pumpkin was the first I tested and I chose bloody organs because it was
I also tested this one to see if it was because of it being a .spsm but it seemed to work making m believe it has to do with them being .zips

i have also just tested the file method a friend referred me to in which I put the .spsm into document/allegorithmic/substancepainter/shelf/smart-materials
now with the troublesome files previously mentioned that originated from a .zip download it would not work
but i went ahead and grabbed this one which downloads as a .spsm directly and the method worked fine