Author Topic: How can you download all your library at once?  (Read 4743 times)

I am working with Unreal.

a) Substance is constantly logging me out from my account. Can you please fix that!

b) how can I download my entire purchased library when working with Unreal?
It's annoying to select every single material and then download every single material over and over again.
How can I automatically download ALL my purchased library with one click of a button?

c) Please ad Minimum requirements for Materials and Shaders like...
SCALING.. TILING... please add those mandatory options


Hi Teaguevr

a) Unfortunately there is no immediate solution for this, however we are working on a solution for the longer term which will fix this problem. Sorry about that.

b) It is not possible to download all your library at once.

c) We are going to be adding this functionality to the plugin, the team is working on it.

I am deleting your other thread about scaling and tiling as you asked the same question twice by creating two different threads. Please try keeping your questions related to the same subject in the same thread.
PO @ Allegorithmic

Also any updates on this?

Thank you!

I would advise you to post your message in the relevent channel on the integration board, as they will be able to answer you and have the latest news on the Source plugins in the integrations
PO @ Allegorithmic