Author Topic: Recently removed material from Substance Source - any way to still get it?  (Read 12446 times)

Up until very recently there was a wood siding material on Substance Source - a sliced wood siding with wavy/rough edges. I'm attaching a photo of an example of the style.

It seems its suddenly vanished, possibly to make room for the new architectural releases. Is there any way to still get that siding material? I was planning on using it for a project and didn't realize materials were occasionally removed, otherwise I would have grabbed it sooner. Thanks!

We had something slightly similar on Substance Source but it was removed from the platform more than a year ago.
Unfortunately, it is a material we don't have the licence for anymore so we can't put it back.
The need to get that type of material has been passed to the team of artists
PO @ Allegorithmic