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Hello there!

I started using SP not so long ago and I tried to search in the forum for an answer with no result, so if someone already asked/answered, I apologize for the double post.

I was wondering if it's possible to export the 2D-material preview image as a "flattened"(pardon my english)-texture and if so, how to do it? The "export all chanels" option is not what I'm looking for atm, it does not generate it.

Thanks a lot for the time and help!

Do you want to export the lit 2d view as an image? That's not possible yet unfortunately.

Yep that's exactly that!
Thanks a lot for the quick and clear answer, I cross my fingers then and -if so- wait until it will be available.

1st, why would you want the maps exported with the lighting and environment reflection baked in?  Usually you lets your 3d app or game engine add that.

Now, you can mask out the Uv islands and replace it with a grey background in photoshop if thats what you are looking for.
 1. Export the map out of painter.
 2. save out the UV layout in your favorite 3d app.
 3. load the exported map and uv layout into photoshop
 4. use the UV layout to create a mask, and mask out the empty space of the exported map and replace it with a background color.

sure its not straight forward, but it is possible

Well to reply to your 1st Gregdaly:  I need the 2D material preview as it because it's more efficient with the kind of projects I'm working on. I was not looking for a Photoshop+other 3D software "diy" method (I'm familiar with that) but for the exact result the 2D preview SP provides: Diffuse maps with Lightning and environment reflection baked in.
That's why the question was simple: I wanted to be sure I wasn't missing the point of if it was not available atm.

Anyways, thanks for taking the time to answer!

Would a simple "screen capture" help?
You'd be limited by the resolution of your monitor, but it might be better than nothing.
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