Author Topic: Substance Painter SPP files huge  (Read 9903 times)

I have 3.22 Gigabyte file and I can't open the project anymore.Substance can't load it.  :-[ :-[ :-[
What should I do, please help me with this.

Is there a way you can upload the file somewhere for us to look at?
Also please attach a log file aftert trying to open the file:

I'd like to chime in on this conversation. I too have issues with huge files.
A file of 3gb after cleanup and saving.
But! When I save as a copy the file is 980MB.
Saving the copy over the orginal kept the original at 3gb.
Something is messed up with cleaning up and reducing size of original painter files.
So for me the workaround is saving as a copy for now.

Sorry for delay.
I can't open the log file because after opening the file Substance becomes not responding, and I can't export the log file.
I think there is some problem with substance, I build a car in Maya and export it to substance which was a heavy model but I did the painting and I got into the problem which I told you before, So I decided to split the model to smaller part such as body, engine, chassis and export them again to substance instead of a heavy one piece of geometry. Now what is a problem here! My first project with heavy mesh with some painting layers has 3.7 gigabyte size, but one of the part which I split has more than 4.3 gigabyte size and I have only one layer of painting :|

Hi my team also facing same problem when ever we work any file we create it will store all data we do if we clean also it will not get clean . but when we save as copy it file size go down

3GB seems huge indeed. How many texture sets do you have?
Keep in mind that all your bakes are saved in the spp file, which can be pretty huge if you have multiple texture sets and high resolution bakes.


I have Recently bake around 500 Maps in one file and it's 31GB.
When i try to Texture , Substance Just Crash and Close.
I tried to hide all and keep one show and texture, but situation is same.
Do you have any idea, what to do.

My PC Space is HERE..
Intel i7 9700K
32 GB 3200MHz Ram
RTX 2080 TI
Aorus Z390 Pro WIFI

Thanks in Advance.