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Hi, I am doing a dash marking, as you can see I am using the shape node in a non-square output, if I set no tiling, by applying the change to the size as the red arrow show, it dashes the line.
In my logic, it shouldn't.
What I want to archive is the 4 white dash in the example on the side, so after doing the shape I would tile with 2D transform and blend it 4 times or whatever.
Got this strange behave with non-standard square shape.
When you use size in a shape node, it normally changes size on whatever dimension you want, but it remains a single shape.
In a non-square standard, it dashes even if I set no tiling like the red arrow show.
Any hint?

"Non Square Tiling" is set to true, that's why the shape is being repeated.
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Thank's for reply,
My need is an output of 128x4096 so that's why it is set as Non Square Tiling.
If I need to play with a single shape of that proportion, how I would set 116*512 px, for example, that repeat 4 times with this node?
I try for example to use a square dimension like 512*512 and set the shape as needed and mix with blend to my output size it changes my dimension by stretching it.

I'm not sure I understand what result you are looking for actually.. Could you illustrate it ?
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This is a mask I am trying to build as it will become my opacity for the image below.

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example attached
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That worked but why we can't do it with shape node?
thank you

The shape node is simply not designed to create this pattern.
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