Author Topic: Substance Alchemist to Octane Render in 3ds Max. Tutorial for beginners.  (Read 13801 times)

Creating a PBR tiled metal material from a single photo in Substance Alchemist and its rendering in Octane Render for 3ds Max.

         In this video we will talk about how:

- create tiled PBR material from an one photo
- export it
- import by using Substance Plugin
- render by using Octane Render and 3ds Max

       Video Content:

0:00 - Information about the subtitles
0:05 - Tutorial theme
0:32 - About the texture with which we will work
0:56 - Creating PBR material in Substance Alchemist
4:28 - Equalizer filter to adjust the texture light and shadows
5:30 - Tiling Filter to create a tile texture.
7:33 - Dust Filter for dirt and dust.
8:37 - Paint Filter to create paint
10:01 - Rust Filter for rust effect
12:29 - Saving and exporting material
13:18 - Installing Substance Plugin for 3ds Max
14:51 - Customization of materials and visualization in Octane Render.
18:56 - Forrender Renderfarm
19:06 - InfoPartners
19:09 - Preview of other lessons and playlist.

Enjoy watching!
Best regards, Andrew Krivulya aka Charly.
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