Author Topic: Black lines appeared after baking  (Read 10241 times)

Black lines appeared over my model after baking, i am new to all of this and don't know what I have done wrong or how to fix this. Can someone help please

Can you share you model? Maybe you have UVs overlapping due to shared Mat IDs during baking.

every time i try to post a reply with attached files it fails to send

Can i email you the files instead?

You can use Dropbox or Google Drive and either PM or email me the link.;sa=email;msg=118877

Attach the high and low so I can bake it.

I emailed you the link to the google drive file

I emailed you the link to the google drive file

I cannot test the bake as you only gave me one version.

Each Mat ID will create a new UV set. You can some issues just from the version you sent me.

Overlapping on blin1SG

Overlapping and strange UVs on lambert2SG

More overlapping on blin2SG

If your UVs are not proper you're going to get issues when you bake. I cannot provide more feedback as you only gave me a single mesh, but from what I can see it's your UVs so far.

I also didn't get that center piece as per your screenshots.

You should also bake any overlapping or intersecting parts by themselves.
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