Author Topic: Saved password for updating license of incorrect  (Read 2018 times)

It seems once a month, Substance Designer informs me that my license has expired, and prompts me to update it. I choose to update it via the third option, to use It then pops up a login dialog, which has prefilled my email and password. But if I click OK, it will tell me there was a problem.

It seems this dialog just has the wrong password stored. If I manually enter my password, it works fine. So I was wondering how to get this dialog to fill the correct password, or clear what it has stored? Where is the password being saved?

Your browser is saving the passwords. Within your browser settings there should be a section for viewing and editing that info. The info below may help you find these settings.



Just so I'm clear, Substance Designer, the desktop application, is managing saved passwords using my browser? In case I wasn't clear before, the password prompt I'm talking about is 100% within Substance Designer; I'm not talking about logging into a website. I wouldn't expect a desktop application to be able to access passwords stored in a browser?

Ah - sorry, I see what  you mean now. Good question! Not sure, myself. I would send an e-mail to Allegorithmic directly. I've always gotten a reply when I've done that. Sometimes questions go unnoticed here on the forums. Post back what you find out.