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I'm having an issue when I try to export materials under any file type. it will enter the export queue but will just stay there saying "exporting 0/0". I've tried on my other machine and it works fine. could my un-activated operating system be the issue?

I don't know. Can you send us a log file to verify why it doesn't export on your first machine?
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Hey everyone, thought i would post my solution to the problem. Turns out, everything is working. The only thing different I did was turn off my computer, come back after a day of work, and change the file name to something one word. initially I exported it as "bark test" and today I exported as "barktest". Then, I tried another export as "bark test" again and it worked fine. So the mystery is still out there, good luck.

edit: I also changed the export location to a folder on my desktop