Author Topic: Splash screen image when opening Painter...  (Read 614 times)

Usually the splash screen images feature some interesting art, either a scene or a cool looking model. However, I have to complain about the image chosen for 2019.2, from the simple perspective of professionalism. This version's splash screen image has two fairly NSFW aspects to it, especially when viewed only at a glance by passing co-workers:
  • Appears to be a picture of a "young anime girl", raising questions from others about what I'm looking at.
  • Said Anime Girl appears to be wearing a helmet with the number "69" on it, raising further questions about what kind of girl I'm looking at. (It actually has "169", but the "1" is wrapped around the side of the helmet, and not obvious.)

Add to this the fact that Painter's splash screen can't be minimized or hidden by another window (only the Task Manager, when set to Always On Top, can cover it), and you have a potentially embarrassing event happening every time I open this program.

I hesitate to ask "What were you thinking?" with respect to this art, but at the very least, please consider this for future splash screen art? And I'd really appreciate some way to disable the splash screen just for cases like this.

Art is all about free expression. I honestly believe this is a non-issue... Anyone at any time can find anything offensive for whatever reason.

I fail to see how this splash screen is embarrassing in the least... Heck, nudity isn't a shocker among art either...

I guess they could put in an option to not show a splash screen on start-up.

Agree 100% with dgoyette. Adobe needs to fix this in the next version.