Author Topic: MDL export warning/error  (Read 2818 times)

I have been getting these export warnings on my mdl exports recently and would like to know what is causing them. While the exported mdl work just fine, I note that all of my exposed attributes are not accessible when i load the mdl in other applications. Could this be related to the warning messages?

Could I get a response on this or email support? This is an urgent issue for us now.


Those warnings from my own experience/testing were introduced after a SDK update.
And as you have experienced those warnings should not affect the final result.

Now I would like to give you a more precise details on your issues
To do so I would like to have access to your data, is it something you can share with us ?

Thanks Andrea,
The error message has gone missing since the latest SD update. If you can email me I'll send you the data. I also have some queries about the efficiency of the exported mdl, especially in regards to the handling of textures being loaded multiple times.