Author Topic: Should I always have my uniform color set to 16px  (Read 2453 times)


I keep reading that the uniform color should be set to 16px for optimization.
 - Is this something worth changing to make it the default behavior of the node?
 - If not, when are the cases that I want uniform color match my graph resolution?


You can do it: it'll save a bit of memory on the cache level (we save the result of each node in memory to avoid recomputing nodes). Of course if you are working in 4k, the optimization can actually be substantial.

In therms of pure computation you only save the transfer time (from the cache to the gpu memory), again it can be noticeable when working at high resolution.

But outside of SD, if you load the Substance graph in Player for instance, there will be no difference because the node is internally optimized.
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