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Hi guys,
A question for you... that might have been asked a million times but i did not fine anything relevant by Googling.
And since it's not about tiling... (not really)

I followed the very nice tutorial from Wes, with the dirt_ground substance...  Everything's fine and working. As usual it was a great tutorial.


finally, what we get is a piece of ground with a real size of .. 1mx1m. Not sure really but let's assume it by the size of the pebbles and twigs.. etc.

Now, let's imagine i want to use this substance on a 10x10m size ground., of course, not flat. but sculpted. anyway. with a topology to make it more interesting. etc.

since it's 1mx1m with some pretty obvious patterns, i should be able to see the repetitions.
Of course i can try to hide them with different methods... but it's not really my question here...

So i thought it must be possible to "regenerate" the whole substance in a greater size. Especially since it's "procedural"
so the textures size is the same (2048x2048 for ex.) but everything get smaller.

Of course, i tried the Material Transform nodes and a few others, but those only change the tiling right.
When i use those i can feel the pattern repetitions.

Finally, i'm not sure 100% , because the substance is based on grunge maps (those shipped with Designer) that are not really "infinite procedural textures". Right ? Perlin noise maybe is... but not the clouds / grunge maps . Are they ?
So it means that in theory, you can tile those, but their size cannot be changed. I don't know... i hope to be WRONG and that it's possible to change the real size of my substances.

This is really important for textures with a lot specific topology/height map information like this one. I think...
because it's easy to feel the repetition.
If it was bricks/floor tiles i would just use the Transform node to /2 or /4 them and from there, i will add some node to add details on the top of it. I started to use Alchemist also and i could do that in minutes...

But for a substance like this dirt_ground... i don't really know what is the best..

Thank you in advance for your help / Merci à l'avance.

Most of noises have a scale parameter but changing the global scale of a material would mean adjusting also the scale of all the filters (blur, warps..etc) and sometimes some elements, like grunge maps, don't have a scale parameter.

So in theory it's possible, in practice it's complicated.
Product Manager - Allegorithmic

I see... so it's easier and recommended to think about the final real size  before starting to create the substance.

Thank you Nicolas