Author Topic: Clean project shelf by script  (Read 6831 times)

Hi there,

I've been working on a script to automatically assign MeshMaps to a project in Substance Painter, but I run into a problem.
I have some issues with legacy meshmaps that remain in the project shelf.
I know that I can delete them by going to File --> Clean, but I want to do it by Script.

Is this in any way possible? If not, can I send a request to add it? Right now, all of our artists need to manually clean, and this is of course not ideal for the workflow.


Over 6000 views, but sadly no reply yet. Could anyone tell me if this is on the radar for future releases or anything? It's an important thing for us in the studio.

You can add it here - for consideration. Maybe it will get enough votes to make the A list.
I dont have enough people words to make it understand you the way it understands me

Thank you. I tried making a post there, but it prevents me from logging in. I get a popup with the login information, but logging in doesn't log me in on the feedback webpage...