Author Topic: Substance Subscription Changes: details & FAQ  (Read 204398 times)

Hi, this is a bug in the launcher, we're looking into it!

Thank you for the answere Jeremie! That sounds great. However, I decided to buy the 2021 versions on steam before the option for conversion to a standalone doesn't exist anymore.

Two questions here:

As I own the 2020 versions, I have a discount for the 2021 versions but I would like to know if I will still get this discount after the 2021 versions get released or is it just for preorder? I would like to buy shortly before there is no way to convert it to a standalone, but if the 27th is my last chance with the discount, I would buy it tomorrow.

I forgot the exact date when the last conversion chance exist, I know its at the end of february, but could you please tell me the exact date? I'm afraid I deleted the email.

Sorry for asking things that probably were answered already.

The discount will last until tomorrow, the 29th.

Thank you for your answere.