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Yes, perpetual and subscriptions are separate licenses.

I would like to buy a perpetual license on Steam at the next sale. But I am afraid that this possibility will be removed and just the possibility of monthly subscription will stay. So for how long will the perpetual licenses on Steam still be available? And will Adobe announce long in advance when they remove the perpetual license?

There is no plan to stop selling licenses on Steam. If we ever stopped, we would definitely warn people in advance and the existing licenses would of course still work.

I am currently subscribed to Substance and have been for a few years now with the rent-to-own original plan. I'm confused about what I need to do to stop the subscription and just have a permanent licence to Painter and Designer. I'm not sure what the 10/30/20 cutoff date means. I thought I had until 11/2021 to cash out and buy the permanent license. Please let me know - sorry if this has been made clear elsewhere.

Hi Jeremie,
I own a perpetual license (maintenance ends 30.11.2020) plus once won a subscription (which expires in January 2021).
So how do I renew my maintenance of the perpetual license after all? Subscribe to yearly?

In the past years this was possible for a discounted price on monster-sale for around $75 - I don't see the option at the moment.

PS: the new website style makes me nervous...way too overloaded with anims and such.

Well we all knew it would come to this as soon as Adobe entered the picture. Quite unbelievable - really don't like Steam and now have to deal with Adobe in the room - lol.

So I have a Perpetual license that can no longer get maintenance renewal. Does that work with the Steam version, or do I have to now buy the Steam version.

I have a subscription, but I only need Painter. I just don't use the other tools. The sub is pretty expensive compared to other models out there, and especially so when your  paying for tools you just don't need. So really just want to get rid of it.

@padamowicz If your current maintenance ends on November 29, you'll be able to upgrade one last time for an additional year of maintenance on October 29th (maintenance upgrades can be done up to one month before their end date. It will not deduct a month, the new maintenance will start at the end of the previous one).
After that year, so in November 2021 you may need to switch to Steam or to the subscription. In any case, we will likely have transition programs letting you switch to the other offers with a discount.

To add to my posting above. Is this then the way to go if I already have a perpetual? Or am I basically screwed and have to REBUY it over steam? This whole change is frustrating and confusing as we obviously can read throughout all this thread!

@OldFlak .- sure that's what we all feared - but hey since Adobe stepped in some crucial long -wished updates were made to SP. So it has 2 sides to that coin.
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Please contact us at and we will be able to get you a Steam key so that you an take advantage of the upgrade discount on Steam for the 2021 version.

Thanks Jeremie,
I did, Etienne wrote me, and sent a solution, thank you guys!

Jeremie Noguer - thanks will do that.

Just wondering if maybe in future there could be an option to subscribe to Painter only. Something along the lines of Photoshop. Don't mind the sub so much, but only need painter, and just don't use the other tools.

Thanks for the reply.
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