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Thank you.

@pheonixflame9  Steam should be a good alternative. More often than not if you get your license during one of the numerous sales during the year, you'll get your license for cheaper than you would have on our website.

I'm confused about this part.

All I know is that the perpetual licenses are not being sold anymore, nor will be updated/upgraded to a later version.
What do you mean get one on steam? Are they being updated still after the year?
I already have perpetual licenses on this site, are you saying I should get it on Steam?

I am getting more confused as this goes by. All I know that I want to avoid is losing my perpetual for a measly 50% off for 6 months.

Perpetual on Steam are yearly products. They will give you access to new updates for a full calendar year (January to December). Each new year, a new version is released on Steam as a separate product, we typically give out coupons to buy the new version if you already have the previous year.
In any case, those versions keep working after the year of updates whether you upgrade or not of course.
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Is it possible to get a discount on the Steam version for the next year for owning one here?
I used to upgrade every year here where I could, but now I can't here I would be fine with moving over to Steam if it isn't priced too high.

We're looking into it with Valve, hopefully that's something we can do.

We're looking into it with Valve, hopefully that's something we can do.

Thank you, that would make a huge difference if possible.

Hey! I bought a perpetual license back in 2017 and wanted to upgrade my maintenance this year and now I'm on a fence about what to do? Would you suggest to opt-in for another year on or switch to STEAM? The upgrade is way cheaper than the STEAM version so is there any chance that there will be a discount next year to switch to STEAM? Any downsides of renewing maintenance on substance3d (aside from it the last time I can do it).
Subscription is out of the question for me.

If you can renew one last time through our website, I would recommend that unless you really want to go through Steam.