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Why not continue to allow users who have purchased a separate license to continue maintenance? Instead, they have to force the entire software to be subscribed afterwards? It doesn’t matter if the maintenance cost is higher. I don’t want to subscribe to the entire software and then I don’t want to use them. Please don't drive away independent licensed users :( :( :(

Good time of day, i understand that you are tired of answering such questions, but still do not understand what will happen to my licenses in a year if I buy SD and SP 2020 in Steam today. Will I have the opportunity to work in SD / SP 2020 Steam in 2022, or will have to buy the next version to get access to the program. That is, whether it will be possible to use SD / SP 2020 Steam in a year when it is removed from the store or this version is removed from the library steam Sorry for my bad english.

You will still be able to use your 2020 version on Steam, we will not revoke existing licenses.

How do we purchase maintenance? When I log into my account, I don't see an option for updating my maintenance.

Thank you

I am waiting to the last moment before buying a final year of maintenance on my perpetual SP and SD licences (expired last November-ish). Have I understood correctly theoretically the deadline is midnight on October 31st 2020?

I assume in order to avoid time zone problems, admin issues etc (31st is a Saturday) it would be safer to renew a few day before the end of the month?

I am not sure how strict you are going to be about the deadline - so want to be very careful not to miss it. Hence me seeking clarification.

A PS comment about all the bile being spewed about perpetual licences being taken away. My view is just deal with it. If you don't like the direction of travel take your money elsewhere. No bile form me.

Here is the problem with whats happening with the maintenance ending for perpetual licences, there is no guarantee that when the maintenance ends that the features included at that time are bug-free and fully working as they should.  This is the reason I dont like bug updates merged in with feature upgrades, they should be kept separate.  Bugs are there because they either were not fixed before the feature was released or a feature upgrade broke things.

My concern, therefore, is what state will the Substance Painter be left in for the last of the perpetual maintenance on October 31, 2021.  Whatever that will be is what perpetual owners will be left with for good.

Its fine to say if you don't like it go elsewhere, but the simple fact is there is no substitute for Substance Painter, its very unique, and that's not taking into account the time spent mastering it.  Yes it is what is it, but its more than fair to not be happy about it and vent a little.

PS: Marvelous Designer is going the same route, they all will, then at some point to those who are now ok with it will come to realize that it works out very, very expensive to keep all your software you may be using now.
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When a maintenance ends, it doesn't mean that's the last build you get access to.
You also get access to all x.x releases after that until the next major .x update so all issues potentially introduced with the latest large update should be fixed by then.

@profmarkc We will be flexible with the exact cutoff time, don't worry :)

Hello Jeremie, everyone,

Jeremie, apologies for asking the same questions you must have answered many times already, but I guess everyone's circumstances are slightly different, and people are buying through various platforms like Steam/etc, so it's hard to figure out exactly what applies to me.

1. I started my subscription in August 2019 directly through Substance's website. I now have the option to purchase the perpetual license, which I'm considering to do. Do I have to do it this month, or can I wait October 2020 to get the later version?

2. Would I still have access to Substance Source materials once I switch to perpetual license? I havea quite a few credits accumulated over these months of subscription. Would they stay/disappear/ or would I have to pay a monthly fee any time that I want to access Substance Source once I switch to perpetual?

3. Can I own a perpetual license, say for personal projects, and also purchase a monthly subscription as/when I need for commercial projects in case if I need access to the latest build?

Thank you in advance!


1. Yes, you have until the end of October to get your perpetual version.
2. You will not get new credits but you will keep access to the materials you downloaded and you will keep any unused credit.
3. Yes, definitely!

When a maintenance ends, it doesn't mean that's the last build you get access to.
You also get access to all x.x releases after that until the next major .x update so all issues potentially introduced with the latest large update should be fixed by then.

Thank you for making that clear.  So after October 2021 I still get maintenance updates that fix issues from the time during October 2020 - 2021?

Yes! You'll get any fix or new feature that comes out during that time.

 I have a perpetual indie licence for Substance Designer, that expires in November. Would I be able to purchase another year of maintenance before 31 of October?

Yes, you'll have the option to upgrade 30 days before the end of your maintenance.

Thank you for the reply!