Author Topic: Substance Subscription Changes: details & FAQ  (Read 167779 times)

I understand that now it’s better not to buy on Steam, wait until the end of October to buy a new version with updates for a year?

If you buy on Steam, you can still convert your Steam license into a standalone one in your Substance account, so it's up to you.

Why not continue to allow users who have purchased a separate license to continue maintenance? Instead, they have to force the entire software to be subscribed afterwards? It doesn’t matter if the maintenance cost is higher. I don’t want to subscribe to the entire software and then I don’t want to use them. Please don't drive away independent licensed users :( :( :(

Good time of day, i understand that you are tired of answering such questions, but still do not understand what will happen to my licenses in a year if I buy SD and SP 2020 in Steam today. Will I have the opportunity to work in SD / SP 2020 Steam in 2022, or will have to buy the next version to get access to the program. That is, whether it will be possible to use SD / SP 2020 Steam in a year when it is removed from the store or this version is removed from the library steam Sorry for my bad english.

You will still be able to use your 2020 version on Steam, we will not revoke existing licenses.