Author Topic: MAYA crashes with custom SBSAR  (Read 2517 times)

Hi there,
I've done a substance graph, exported to SBSAR and tried to open it in MAYA with the latest plugin.
When I open the attribute editor, MAYA crashes with fatal error.
In one of my tests, I've deleted all the graph outputs BUT baseColor and MAYA worked with no crashes. But since I start exporting with another output aside from baseColor, it crashes every time.
Could you confirm with the attached file?
Thanks in advance.


When exporting, have you exposed the $pixelsize parameter. We've had some issues with that right now, which have been resolved and will be in the next release.

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I had it unchecked. The ones checked were output size and random seed.
Just to be sure I've checked pixel size and MAYA crashed too, so that's not the problem I guess.
Checked and unchecked have the same result: instant fatal error in MAYA.
It works correctly in Painter though.

I've notice that, even when I don't expose $pixelsize at .sbsar export options, it appears when opening in Painter..., How can I force NOT to expose that parameter?

When you export from Designer, it should give a list of options on which special parameters to expose.
Software Engineer, Integrations
Maya, 3ds Max and Core Libraries