Author Topic: Substance Painter broken after using launcher  (Read 2015 times)

I tried using the substance launcher, big mistake.

I went to update Substance Painter with the launcher, while that was ongoing the launcher itself wanted to update and hung on the cancel/quit prompt.  Had to Cntrl+Alt+Del and close it from the task manager.  Since then I can't update or install Substance Painter at all. 

In the launcher it downloads, gives the splash screen, prompts for install path then vanishes.  Ok, it's a beta, it's buggy.  Uninstall substance painter and go to reinstall manually with it's own installer.  Everything works to 99% and just hangs there forever forcing me to close two hung instances of the installer and  MS VC redist 2017 installer from the processes tab.

I've been to afraid to mess with Designer or alchemist now.


Sorry for this bad experience.

We cannot reproduce it.

The launcher has been updated with version 1.3.1-beta.