Author Topic: glTF/GLB Export Preset Edit Option  (Read 1970 times)

Hi, it is nice for Substance Painter to have a glTF PBR Metalness Setup, which is exactly what I need. However, the preset is being locked as "png," which is 4 times the file size if were export as a "jpg." I tried looking it up on the documentation, but seems like the glTF option is so new that the documentation hasn't update yet.

I was able to create my custom preset of my own glTF naming conventions and packed maps, however, by doing that I have now lost the ability to export a glTF and GLB with the texture maps already attached from Substance Painter.

I really wish there's a way/hidden plugin/even some coding is fine to just change that "png" to "jpg," and that would save all my hassles.

Wonder if there's any way to work around this.


There is an external workaround: After export from Substance (>File >Export >Textures >glTF PBR Metalness preset) convert the .png files to .jpg. In the exported .gltf file rename png to jpg with a text editor. Then drag the changed .gltf, .jpg textures and the .bin file to the GLTF to GLB Packer and save the out.glb file.

An option to export .jpg instead of .png with the glTF preset in Substance Painter would be more convenient though - especially for preparing models on webpages.