Author Topic: glTF/GLB Export Preset Edit Option  (Read 518 times)

Hi, it is nice for Substance Painter to have a glTF PBR Metalness Setup, which is exactly what I need. However, the preset is being locked as "png," which is 4 times the file size if were export as a "jpg." I tried looking it up on the documentation, but seems like the glTF option is so new that the documentation hasn't update yet.

I was able to create my custom preset of my own glTF naming conventions and packed maps, however, by doing that I have now lost the ability to export a glTF and GLB with the texture maps already attached from Substance Painter.

I really wish there's a way/hidden plugin/even some coding is fine to just change that "png" to "jpg," and that would save all my hassles.

Wonder if there's any way to work around this.