Author Topic: Material layering for ue4  (Read 703 times)

I am trying to get this to work but I have an issue on export if someone out there can help. I thought the whole point of this workflow would be that you work on the masks only and on export you get a compilation of the 3 masks in addition to the tiliable textures used as materials. I downloaded the layering substance material that Wes pointed to in his tut and that seems fine in ue4. My problem is that on export (and yes I have the export shader parameters tickbox on on export dialogue box) I only get 3 masks and a json file. When I try to import the files in ue4 I get a weird message when importing the json file to choose something from Data Table Option...and I have no clue if what I'm doing is correct or not...and if on importing the json file the tileables will magically appear in ue4!

It seems to me that even though this workflow is so much better than many others given allegorithmic has not paid much attention to it since it was released...I have not found anyone explaining this in detail...even allegorithmic tutorials are half explained without any flow of exactly how it works...

In any case if anyone uses this workflow and has a few minutes of their precious time to explain to me exactly how to go from subp to ue4 with masks and tileables it will be much appreciated...thanks