Author Topic: Opacity, roughness and UE4  (Read 3379 times)

Hello all,

First of all, I made a video to be clearest as possible :

I made a puddle with substance painter and a basic plane (I don't know if it is habitual workflow but It works fine, I prefer have 2 or 3 puddles to scale, rotate where I want than make water level with substance designer).

So I added opacity on the plane to make a custom mesh, which isn't "squared" and you can see the result.

But I have a problem when I import it in UE4, I made the material to "translucent", I changed the Lighting mode to "SurfaceTranslucencyVolume" but the roughness is not working well. I mean, if I don't use the opacity channel, with a basic "opaque" material, my puddle has a good roughness but we can see all the plane and that's not good (here's the image ).

If I did something wrong, tell me, or maybe if it's absolutely not the workflow to make puddles, I will appreciate to know how to make it correctly.

Thank you 

Ok so I find the good solution, we just need to go to UE4 and make a "deferred decal" material. After that, choose "Translucent" blend mode and in Decal Blend Mode you choose the one who propose "Base color, roughness and normal".

It works perfectly now, maybe it will help someone later.

do you know why the glass substance materials from substance source appear all black when assigning to any mesh inside of UE4?