Author Topic: Maya integration and alcantara_lotus_emboss.sbsar  (Read 8646 times)


I have a problem with the maya plugin and the alcantara _lotus_emboss.sbsar (from substance source) material :

I load the material and create a shader network for redshift without any problem. I tweek parametres as I want them to be and save.
When I reload my scene, it does not render correctly. I have to change the map resolution size and go back to original one to fix the problem.... All is ok with my other materials.

It's a big problem cause if I want to render my scene with a render farm, all scene loading will lead to wrong render...
I tried with several machines : same problem.

Could you help please ?


PS : maya 2019.2 and substance plugin 2.0.1

Hello Substance team,

please can you give it a try to reproduce ?

Thanks a lot.

Could you upload that file ? Then some other users can check that beta style

OK, I'll upload a simple scene.
It'll be setuped with redshift renderer.