Author Topic: Export Bitmaps for 10 Different Seeds of a Graph  (Read 173 times)

I'm designing buildings and I now have a wooden panel component that repeats itself throughout the model.

In order to make that panel different I want to have the material that's applied to it random. I figured I need 10 material variations and so I want to export bitmaps from 10 different seeds of my graph.

I usually export bitmap outputs right after creating the graph in Designer and I figured out that the best method to create these variations is:
1 - Change the graph's seed number;
2 - Go to the export bitmap outputs window;
3 - Type the graph'ss seed number in between the $(graph) and $(identifier);
4 - Export;
5 - Repeat the process.

Here's a pic:

It's tedious work and should be simpler if:
- The seed would be possible to automatically insert in the name;
- We could batch export a given number of output seed variations.

Is this already possible?

Would it be possible to have it as a request?