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As the Subject suggests, I'm getting terrible lag times when doing basic things such as duplicating a base fill layer and changing the texture set resolution. The duplicating layers issue comes and goes, weirdly, but can take a few minutes each time before I can do anything again.

The texture set resolution issue is bad, I tend to work in 2K and switch to 1 or 4K to check how my textures look in those resolutions, however, at times I'm waiting for 15 or 20 minutes before the green bar finally stops and I can work again.

My PC Specs & OS are:
i7-8700, GTX 1080, 32GB RAM running Windows 10 Pro.

Some help or advice on fixing this issue would be amazing. I've attached a log, so hopefully that will help.


Thanks for reaching out to us.

Are you by any chance working on a multi-GPU setup? If so, could you please take a look here to make sure there are no incompatibilities?

I also see that your project is on "Storage Drive 1", which I guess is an external drive or a server. Could you try to transfer it directly to your PC to see if the issue persists?

You can also try different Nvidia driver versions. You can find all of them here:

Let me know how it goes!
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Hello and thanks for the reply.

I dont have a multi-GPU set up, just the one GTX1080. I use an SSD for OS and Programs (Substance Painter, Photoshop, 3DS Max etc) and a standard HHD for general storage. The standard HHD is named "Storage" and is indeed also an internal drive. I ran this set up with Substance Painter 2 and had zero issues.

I've updated my GPU drivers (using Nvidia Experience) but I did notice that my "Studio drivers" were out of date by a few months. However, after installing the latest updates and running some tests, there is little to no difference in performance.

I exported another Log, I'm unsure if the information will be different after updating the drivers but thought I'd share them just in case.

I think you might have forgotten to join the new job :) It could be useful to see it indeed!

Have you tried transferring your .spp file to the SSD? SDDs generally run much faster than HDDs and use less power. Could you try that to see if you spot any difference. The set up may have been working for SP 2, since it was a lighter version of the program, and therefore may have used resources differently.

Do let me know how it goes, and I would be happy to see the new log, there may be some useful info there!
Valeria Gerontopoulos
Jr Product Designer - Technical Artist

Oops, I forgot the check the box! Replying now so I can  upload it, sorry about that!  :)

I've not trying moving the directory over to the ssd, seeing as I wanted to save that drive for programs... I will try this in the next day or two, to see how it improves the performance, and get back to you.

I understand that the new version of Painter is more demanding, so out of interest, would more RAM help with the general running of the program, or is it mostly more helpful during the baking process?



You seem to have a fairly decent amount of RAM, but to make sure you can always try to open up the Task Manager's Performance window (or download GPU Shark if you want a more precise overview) while you are in SP and see how much memory is being used.

Also, how heavy is your project? Does it have many layers and texture sets? Do you experience lagging with all of your projects? How about the sample projects (MeetMat, etc.)?  Are you running any other software in the background? If so, could you try closing everything else (even something like Chrome - oddly enough there was a user who had lag with Chrome open)?

Which Nvidia drivers do you have, Game or Studio? If it's Game, could you try to install Studio drivers? I did hear some feedback that it may help with the lag as Studio drivers manage resources better.

And finally, could you check your Nvidia settings (right click on desktop > Nvidia Control Panel > Manage 3D Settings)? You can create a profile for Substance Painter and disable Threaded Optimization:
Valeria Gerontopoulos
Jr Product Designer - Technical Artist

Hello again,

Okay so I've done everything I can and the issue still exists. I've installed Painter onto the SSD which obviously speeds up 'some' of the performance. However, I just timed how long it takes and it took 11 minutes to change from a 1K document to 2K.

My system is entirely up to date, including Windows 10, and the GPU Driver/Studio Drivers are the current and most recent. When using Task Manager to asses RAM, it sits between 40/60%. I've also set a Nvidia Control Panel profile with your suggested settings and its still taking a long time to change resolution.

The project I'm working might even be the issue, its a simple petrol pump model for a game engine, but its built to scale. The poly count is reasonable for an asset like this, and I've got about 12 layers of textures, some of which in folders, so the ONLY issue I can think of is the scale of the model. The weird thing is, my system is powerful enough to handle multiple intensive programs at once (Max/Photoshop/Unreal etc), and gaming on this set up is a cake walk. Its not a "low end" system by any means and Painter 2 and Painter 2018 worked super quick and were flawless, so its weird that a simple object, even one to scale, would provide such long waiting times.

I'd rather use the most recent and up to date version of the software however, so I'll stick with it for now. Is system performance something that can be improved with future updates?

Also, thank you very much for your suggestions, some of which were very useful!  :)

Hey again,

Do you think you could send me your project? You can send me a Drive/Wetransfer/Dropbox link as a private message (or post it here, if you like).

It would help to take a look at the structure of your layer stack. Scale should not be the issue here, but rather if you have filters or effects or particles on top of your layer stack, and you change the resolution, they all need to recalculated individually and hence it can cause quite severe lag. You can take a look here for a few more details:
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Valeria Gerontopoulos
Jr Product Designer - Technical Artist

Brilliant, sent you a PM just now. Cheers.


Thanks for your patience! So I've consulted with a colleague and we managed to identify your issue. It comes from the two custom sbsars you are using, the metal and the paint ones. The trouble is that somewhere in your Designer graph you made the material x3 relative to parent, which means when you are telling your texture you want 256 resolution, it basically loads 2048. That's exactly why when you change your resolution which you think is only 1k, it is basically loading 8k or even more in terms of performance.
You should take a look here for Designer performance guidelines, it will help you optimize your graph greatly:

I hope that helps! Best of luck :)
Valeria Gerontopoulos
Jr Product Designer - Technical Artist