Author Topic: recalculate texture projection from projection I have in the viewport  (Read 592 times)

I have an issue with texture projection: I re-imported my mesh, and, in the viewport, my texture set was correctly re-projected (left image). But if I try to export or open the texture set, the projection is broken (right image).

So, is it possible to recalculate the texture set projection from the projection I have in the viewport?

I'm not sure if I'm very clear^^ But thanks per advance for your answers!

What do you mean by 'open the texture set'? Just click on it in Painter in the Texture Set list?

You need to describe in more detail what you have done exactly. How did you change the mesh before re-importing it into Painter?

Tanks for the answer.

Yes, I mean just click on it.

To be more precise, before re-importing, I painted my textures, and I decide to change some elements of my model. I deleted or moved some objects.
I re-imported my model, and, in the viewport the textures of the moved objects (the wooden mask) were still correctly projected. So I finished to paint the lasts elements of my models, and it's when I export my texture I saw the projection were different from the viewport.

Since manual paint strokes are recorded in world space in Painter, you cannot move or add any objects if you want to preserve the manual paint strokes. If you did move the objects, there is no other way but to do the manual paint work again.

Painter has no way to know what you did to the model, or where to apply the strokes onto a new mesh that you have moved to a different location.

You can always change the UVs, but make sure the geometry itself is 100% final before importing it into Painter if you plan to do manual painting.

I see,... It's good to know the my futur projects! :D
For this one, I'll try to recover my texture from the ancient model.

Thanks a lot for your help!