Author Topic: Painting a decal on a mesh with a hole  (Read 438 times)

I'm trying to apply a decal on a disc with a hole in the middle. I'd like the decal to be perfectly centred, but since I can only paint on a mesh, I can't add it at all this way.

My current fix is to temporarily fill the hole, and once I'm done texturing, deleting it. Is this the way to do it, or is there a workaround?

Nevermind - I just realized I can just apply the decal on the UV viewer.

Turns out I can't! The brush reacts the same as the model on the flat material... Guess I really need to temporarily fill the hole then, or is there another way?

You can either use a fill with the planar projection mode or use the projection/stencil to project the decal and paint it manually.
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