Author Topic: what is the best way to start this pattern in substance designer?(image include)  (Read 1771 times)

This tile seems to be easy at the first look, but when I come to do it in designer it took me a very long way to approach that shape...
is there a good way to build this tile?

Thank you

It's tricky indeed..
I'll consider adding it to the library.

sbs attached

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wooow, just amazing, I will never thought to use FX-Map for making this tile, I really thank you a lot for the time making this one...

I tried several way to make it, and it was a very very long process to approach a good result, but that was really useless after all making lots and lots of nodes to make this tile and yet not totally perfect.

It will be great to see this tile as a node in SD library  ;D

Thanks again Nicolas