Author Topic: How to use an SVG to create Beveled Brick Surface  (Read 714 times)

Hi, so we would like to use this tool more in our office but are having a bit of trouble.  I have a question similar to the one that was solved here:

We want to use an svg file to create the voussoirs but I can't get the bevel tool to work, and I don't know how to add a white background to the svg as mentioned in this part of the previously mentioned post:

 "I put it in Substance and used the built-in SVG tools to create a white box around the image, which I moved to the back to serve as the background. I was extremely happy to see that the program seemed to treat it in the same way as a regular generated pattern:"

What am I doing wrong here?  I've posted a pic of my current setup. 

Ultimate goals:
How do I add a white background to an SVG?
Then how do I get to bevel to work?  It just keeps showing me a flat material.

Ultimately, if anyone can show me the full workflow that lead to the second image (and explain it), I would be very grateful!

Thank you!
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