Author Topic: De-Instance Instantiated Layers that need to be Unique on certain texture sets.  (Read 1105 times)

Instantiating layers is incredibly powerful, but there are some limitations with it's implementation (as far as I can tell) that would benefit from a few extra (and hopefully simple) feature implementations.

Sometimes I find myself wanting to instance a layer across all my texture sets, but then want the freedom to edit them after the fact, on specific layers. I have to edit the master instance to do this, but sometimes that affects specific layers where I want that finer control.

I'd like to request a feature that takes an existing, instantiated layer, and allows the user to right-click, and select make unique. To effectively remove it from the instance dependency but retain all its layer properties. This would save users from having to go to the main layer on the main texture set and copy paste, etc....

When assets get heavy this would be a huge time saver. If there is a way to do this already, please tell me because I'm constantly going the long way around to do this.

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