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Hi, I work with Zbrush / RizomUV / Substance painter (2019.1.0), and I modelized a wall, a simply wall, but when I apply a concrete texture in this wall, it's a really low resolution, I did some researchs, and people talks about Texel density, but I don't know how to change it in Zbrush or rizomUV, can someone help me ? :'(

If you're dealing with a wall you don't need to lay your UVs out like an unfolded box. Only key spots and visible areas of the mesh should occupy majority of your UV space.

I would make a small strip for the top and bottom and sides, and stack the UV for the wall (front and back) - offset if you need to bake. This will give you the most texel density.


You also need to factor in the limitations of using resolution fixed textures for larger objects. This is why for anything environment based I create seamless materials and blend by vertex masking so there is no resolution issue. Other objects might require more than one texture map for a good quality look. It all depends on what you want and where the asset is going.

I have no experience in RizomUV but you just need to grab the UV islands and position and scale as needed.