Author Topic: What can I do in Alchemist what I coudn't in Painter?  (Read 924 times)

Not yet tried it myself  but would be appreciative if someone would  list few things. Form what I see in promotional videos it mostly duplicates SP features + kind of not very advanced auto tiling technique.  Am I missing something?

I'm a little surprised with your impression of it - not sure what videos you've seen.
Alchemist is more like Substance Designer in that it has strong material creation properties - materials that originate from scans or images would be examples. While it has other features those would be the answer to your question.  Check out the main page - there are some videos, including one Wes put together, explaining it further.

Well.  It's those videos on the main page I got my impression from.    Looks like mostly a depth based blender of substances from Substance Designer using them as layers.    But we can do just the same in Substance Painter for pretty a while already with same easy quick approach.   
I am lacking an ability to link  layers scale an transforms in SP . like Photoshop styled links. Or UV shifting  a group of layers at once  without copy/pasting shift values in between layers.   Can Alchemist  do it for example?
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