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I'm currently looking into adding substance designer in our Pipeline. We are working in visual effects for Movie and Tv Show.
We are working too with UDIM.
I find out how to import a mesh, see it's UDIM, generate it's map in the UDIM format, all in substance itself.
In Maya I assigned constant shader per face basis and bake the result to be able to use it as mask inside the MultiMaterial-Blend node.
Thing is, I don't find how to import this map in Subtance Designer. Each time I drag and drop from the Windows's Explorer or I manually import it by right click > Import > Bitmap in the Designer's explorer it only load one UDIM.

Does someone encounter this same issue ?

Thanks a lot in advance,

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When you import your UDIM texture, SD should ask you if it's part of a UDIM sequence, is that the case ?

Now to work correctly with this UDIM sequence you need to:
- create a graph
- assign this graph to one of the mesh material: right click on the graph background / Assign Substance Graph to 3D Mesh / Select the mesh-material / Select the UV tile(s) you want to apply this graph to
- go to the Explorer, Expand the Mesh resource group
- expend the material item
- double click on the graph
- you'll see a UDIM drop down in the graph toolbar allowing you to siwtch from one UV tile to another

Keep in mind we can only display one UV tile at a time in the 3D View due to technical limitations.
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Hello Nicolas,

Regarding the workflow to apply/assign the graph/material to the object by respecting the UDIM, that's working :)
But only with the UDIM model's map I generated with substance. I can saw the different tiles of those map too by double clicking it in the resources explorer and using the tile's drop down menu in the 2D viewer.

But for the map I created outside of SD, in this case MAYA/Arnold, it didn't ask me if it's an UDIM sequence when I import it. And so it didn't react like UDIM images when working and applying the UDIM graph. Neither having the drop down menu in the 2D viewer by double clicking it in the resources explorer.

Is there a name convention to have to make it see that's an UDIM sequence ? Or import it as a folder like a drag an drop in Nuke ?
For now my files have this name :

I'm on SD 2019.1.3.


Normally it detects the UDIM pattern.. I'll try with your names to see if it creates a special case..
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I too am was wondering about this. The images that designer bakes internally it recognizes as udim. But, when you bring in one or a set it only sees it as a single file.


Has this issue been solved?
It's 2020 now, and I am having the same issue in this thread (but in Substance Painter).
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Hello, is this solved? I have the same issue on Substance Designer it doesn't recognize the UDIM sequence when I import.

I realize I never answered.. so I tried with this name scheme: surfaceShader11_Rolling_Teapot_Grp2Shape_1001.exr and it works on my side.

What are your file names @Dimension Studio ? and how do you actually load the bitmap sequence in SD ?

@AdmundTam if you haven't already, you should create a thread in the Painter section of the forum.
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