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 Hi, this has been a thorn in  my side for a while. It feels like I've followed every instruction to get it right, but it never works. I'm exporting the low and high from maya after retopo. both low and high "mesh:" names are the same and correspond to "_low" and "_high" in painter. Then I export (i dont combine the meshes if that matters, though ive tried both and exporting without groups). Here's an a screenshot of how the teeth for my project look with match by mesh name on:

 So, not sure what could be going wrong, and i doubt its the recent update since ive never been able to get this baking by mesh name to work for me.

 Also, on another matter concerning baking, i have more to this model than the meshes in the screenshot that i attempted to bake, but i get errors telling me the AO, Normal, and Curvature map cant be baked or something? So im having more issues than just the mesh name one.

You would need to provide more information and most likely show everything from how your high and low poly meshes match, how the UVs are done, your naming setup, ID setup, ect... Beyond that we can just guess.

The first thing I would check for is overlapping UVs and if there are any conflicts between different parts by sharing the same material IDs.

There are rare occasions where mesh by name doesn't work for me so I just explode the mesh to bake it.
I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)

 What would i need to provide to show how "they match"? The FULL character has UVs seperated by upper body, lower body, and accessories, but they all share the same 0,1 space. However this example is just the upper body. The mesh names in maya are from the shape node no? So i just delete the word "shape" so it matches since I dont know what else it could be. All the meshes align just fine to my knowledge. Here's an example of the logs for when I attempted the full character bake, and the errors i was getting.

 If there are some specific examples needed from my maya file or settings in painter please let me know. Really would love to solve this issue so i dont always have to explode the model because thats just so tedious.

It is usually easier for someone to just look over your project file and high and low poly mesh to see what is going on.
I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)

I was recommended export from maya as FBX. I did an initial test with some upper body assets, and it worked! However i then attempted the FULL character, and while some maps bake, my normals are completely black even though it worked earlier.

 I managed to bake out the normal and a couple other maps that werent baking before after finding out a couple of my meshes had errors that i fixed in zbrush. However the AO and thickness still give me errors. This time theyre a bit different though:

 This version of substance is a trial because my job does not have it installed. Im wondering if maybe that could be the cause? I find that unlikely however.

I doubt it. A lot of problems I've helped people with are mostly user error.
I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)

it actually did end up being because it was a trial version. i tried at home, and the AO and others baked just fine

it actually did end up being because it was a trial version. i tried at home, and the AO and others baked just fine

Odd, I never knew that the trial version had this limitation, or bug.
I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)

it may not be a bug, when i booted i got a warning about limited functionality or something so it could have been that.

This internal error message is usually triggered from GPU raytracing on hardware issues, meaning that a failing bake can succeed on a different computer. In the meantime, you could take a look in the bakers settings and see if GPU raytracing is enabled. If so, disabling it may do the trick.
Hope this helps a bit.